03 Dez 2011 Samstag
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Alternative \ Pop \ Punk

Okay, let?s do a kind of word association type thing. I?m gonna say the following things: famous punk rock singer songwriter who?s recently made two albums of Beatles tinged acoustic rock, a rapid seventy pound weight loss brought about by almost dying five times from massive surgeries and gallbladder removals due to pancreatitis, a monster shredder that used to be in RKL, the supersonic drummer from the Mad Caddies and of course a storied reputation of debaucherous awesomeness that spans 9 albums, 5 continents and at least three of the wackiest crew members you?ll ever see in your life...did you say San Jose?s No Use For A Name at any point in our little word association game? Oh, why not? I thought you thought you knew everything there was to know about them. Ah, well then. In the words of Apu: we have much to discuss.